We have been firmly established in the world wide steel market already for decades …

The ROLAND STAHL GmbH – following Roland, the giant, who with 5.55 metres in height has been standing at the town hall in Bremen since the year 1404 as a symbol for Law and Liberty – was founded by the two partners Werner Schmidt and Meinert Hook in 1970. For 25 years, the Company had been dealing very successfully on the steel market, but then there was uncertainty how business should go on, as there was no appropriate candidate for succession in management to be found within the Company.
In order to guarantee the Company?s survival in spite of the two founders retiring from business, the ANDERNACH & BLECK Company – a family-owned precision drawing enterprise from Hagen in Nordrhein-Westfalen disposing of already 100 years of business experience and tradition – could be won for taking over the company. ROLAND STAHL had thus made a virtue out of necessity, as this at the same time was the beginning of the exceptionally successful interconnection between the production of bright steel, steel trading and the customer that has already been lasting since 1995.
This is how today we can ensure our products being of constantly high quality.

But this is by far not everything we can offer…