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General Conditions For Use of the internet presentation of the ROLAND STAHL GmbH

1. Field of application / purview as well as all other domains of the Roland Stahl Company represent the internet presentation of the ROLAND STAHL GmbH .

The following General Conditions For Use are valid for entering and using the data provided on this web site. Furthermore, they are valid for linked web sites of companies associated with the ROLAND STAHL GmbH .
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The ROLAND STAHL GmbH is at any time entitled to modify the content of these General Conditions For Use without giving notice in advance. By continously using as well as all other domains of the Roland Stahl Company, the user expresses his agreement with the modifications.

2. Use of the data of the web sites
The data provided by the web site is available to everyone and free of charge, it is to be used for information purpose only. The ROLAND STAHL GmbH reserves the right to finish, expand or restrict at any time the data of as well as of all other domains of the Roland Stahl Company.

3. Warranty
1. Using this web site is at your own risk. The ROLAND STAHL GmbH does not guarantee that this web site as well as its data will at any time be available. In particular, the ROLAND STAHL GmbH does not guarantee the datas suitability for a certain purpose, its correctness and completeness as well as the absence of computer viruses and the faultless transmission.
2. The ROLAND STAHL GmbH does not take responsibility for other data and services rendered or offered via link by a third party that doesn?t belong to the Company. Relating to these, the ROLAND STAHL GmbH only arranges for the access to them. In case that a user concludes legal transactions with a third party, for example concerning the purchase of goods or the performance of services, the ROLAND STAHL GmbH does not hold a financial interest in these. With respect to ROLAND STAHL GmbH , there are neither laws nor duties arising from these transactions.

4. Exclusion of liability
Responsibility of the ROLAND STAHL GmbH for losses, no matter where they arise from, is limited to intent or gross negligence of its employees or other vicarious agents. This is valid accordingly in case of breach of duties preceding or accompanying the contract. Liability for ordinarily negligent breach of duty is excluded, as well – on condition that this does not affect any substantially relevant contractual obligation. Compensation claims are limited to the typical foreseeable damage. As far as the utilization of services of a third party not belonging to the Company is concerned, the ROLAND STAHL GmbH does not guarantee for the qualitative or quantitative availability of these services.

5. Rights of the data
All rights (e.g. copyrights, copyright law or trademark law) relating to the data surrendered by this web site remain with the ROLAND STAHL GmbH or its licensers. It is strictly forbidden to use, copy, process, distribute, publish or download this web site?s information or brands, unless it is explicitly permitted by the General Conditions For Use.

6. Data protection
The ROLAND STAHL GmbH is bound to treat all personal data in accordance with the regulations of data protection. For processing the use of the web site as well as for statistical reasons, the ROLAND STAHL GmbH is entitled to save and to process the communicated personal data of the user. It will not be passed on to third parties.

7. Concluding regulations
The law of the Federal Republic of Germany is applied exclusively. Bremen is the place of performance. Any legal case arising from these regulations shall as well be solely heard in Bremen. Should any stipulation of these General Conditions For Use be or become ineffective, so this does not affect the Conditions? validity in general. In replacement of the invalid stipulation, that one becomes binding which corresponds most to the meaning and purpose of the ineffective one. As far as a possible incompleteness of the Conditions For Use is concerned, this is handled accordingly.

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